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Free-Handbag 01
Description: This is a fold-up style woman's handbag. Although it doesn't open, there is a half u..
Free-Shopping Bag
This is a simple paper style shopping bag. Included are store logos for Macy's, JC Penny, Dillard..
SkyHab Tech Team Mats
This expansion includes new texture maps and materials to change SkyHab designations from #48 to ..
Free-Shopping Bag Textures
Four new textures for the shopping bag. Included are store logos for Old Navy, GAP, Victoria's Se..
Free-Text Balloons #1
These blank text balloons that can be added to your scenes. Add your text after rendering or use ..
Free-Holographic Nav Table
Sci-fi navigation projection table prop from the graphic novel Reclamation. Includes two detailed..
Free-Text Balloons #2
Just like Set #1, these blank text balloons that can be added to your scenes. 8 new balloons and ..
Daz|Studio Only. Shuttle craft with great interior detail. Original 3DS model by Chris Muir (tipp..
Traditional asian (particularly Japanese) simple hair pin. Best used with Updo or bun hair styles..
Free-Bluetooth Earpiece
Jabra bluetooth earpierce with fits to A3, A4, D3, M3, M4, SP3, V3 and V4.2. See the ReadMe page ..
Traditional Japanese Samurai sword with detailed handle wrapping. Scabbard and belt sash not incl..
Free-Clip Light
Accurately modeled simple clamp style light that can be clipped to most items. Hinged clip can al..
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