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Product Add-on Freebies. Most of these freebies REQUIRE the base product and will not work correctly without them. Don't download them if you don't have the base product.

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Free-Blinds and Cab Curtains
Add-on for the Cobra Motorhome. Load in place with the motorhome zeroed when you open it and them..
Free-Bass Boat and Trailer
Designed to hook up to the rear of the Cobra motorhome. The boat is seperate from the trailer so ..
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Free-Chopping Block
Designed for the 'Campsite' expansion for the 1978 Motorhome but can be used as a stand-alone pro..
Free-Jetski Trailer
For the free Daz personal watercraft found at Daz3d weekly freebie. Designed to fit the Motorhome..
Free-Lawn Chair
Webbing style lawnchair. Stand alone prop originally from the 'Campground' expansion for the Cobr..
Free-Kitchen and Picnic Utensils
Designed to fit the Motorhome Expansion #4. Includes plate, knife, fork, spoon plastic-ware, 5 pi..
Free-Motorhome M3 Poses
32 postioned and stand alone poses for M3. Produced by Childe of Fyre for the KPL Cobra Motorhome..
Free-Anchors' Accessories Set
Designed for the RV Expansion #5. Includes Microphone, Lapel Mic, Ear Bud and Transmitter. Fits f..
Free-Instant-Up Canopy
10ft. by 10ft pavilion style sun shade. A 4th of July freebie from MeshWorks. Does not fold up. ..
Free-RV Garage prop
18ft. by 36ft car port style garage. A Motorhome Add-on. Includes overhead outlets, switch box li..
Free-Adventure Pose Pack
Bonus Adventure Pose Pack for the RV Expansion #6. Includes 40+ poses for Gen4 and Gen3 figures (..
Simple volleyball prop. Designed for the Cobra Motorhome Adventure Expansion #6. ..
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