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Add-on Freebies

Product Add-on Freebies. Most of these freebies REQUIRE the base product and will not work correctly without them.

Don't download them if you don't have the base product.

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Free-EBR M21 Accessories
Add-ons include Bipod (Extended and Folded), Bayonet with real textured handle, simple Silencer a..
Free-RV Accessories 1
Steer Horns, Dash Compass and Fuzzy Dice mirror decoration prop. Designed for the Cobra Motorhome..
Free-Resort Chalet Restrooms
Add-on for the Chalet contains two prop files to load the mens and ladies restrooms. Each restroo..
Free-Stock Car Graphics
Add-on png sponsor graphics for the Base Stock Car. All trademarks belong to their respective com..