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An Oblivion Fan Art Project
I am sure it is obvious that these products have been modelled based on the 2013 movie 'Oblivion' starring Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough. The name Horizons comes from the unpublished graphic novel written by the movies director, Joseph Kosinski. If you haven't seen this movie, you can read a good synopsis at this website (spoiler alert). However, I would highly recommend seeing this great sci-fi movie.

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Horizons SkyCopter Mk1
Description: The SkyCopter, also known as a Bubbleship, is the primary mode of transportation for..
Horizons SkyHab Mk1
The SkyHab, or Skytower, is the base of operations and home for the TET's Resource Gatherer Suppo..
Horizons Security Drone Mk1
Description: Drones perform dual purpose as defensive units patrolling the areas around the Resou..
Horizons Bundle 1
Get all three initial products in the Horizons Project for one low price. Synopsis (spoiler a..
SkyHab Tech Team Mats
This expansion includes new texture maps and materials to change SkyHab designations from #48 to ..

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