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Horizons Bundle 1

Horizons Bundle 1
Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1 Horizons Bundle 1
Brand: MeshWorks
Product Code: KPL-053
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Get all three initial products in the Horizons Project for one low price.

Synopsis (spoiler alert): The destiny of Tech team 49 has been set, and to some degree, even that of Jack 52. But what about all the other Tech teams in North America? After the space station's destruction, what has happened to Techs 50 and 51, not to mention 53 through 58? Now we can find out. To further the storyline, this sky tower is the home base for the Tech team 57 located in the North-West portion of what was the United States.


The SkyHab, or Skytower, is the base of operations and home for the TET's Resource Gatherer Support teams, namely Jack Harper and Vika. These structures are built high in the air, typically at 1500' above sea level and consist of three operation levels, a base trestle structure and a footing base. The operation levels are the Control Room, Main Living Floor and a Workshop.

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Part 1of1  17.9mb
Part 2of2  17.7 mb
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The SkyCopter, also known as a Bubbleship, is the primary mode of transportation for the Resource Gatherer Support teams. A mix of a Bell helicopter and a jet fighter, makes this craft extremely versatile and maneuverable. It is also capable of low-orbit space travel.

Mk1 features opening cockpit doors, retractable landing gear, panable cockpit, tail rotor spin, rotateable engine pods and winglets connected to the rudder pedals (when using ERC sliders).

7.26 mb
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Security Drones perform dual purpose as defensive units patrolling the areas around the Resource Gatherers and protecting the Tech Teams. Packed with an array of sensors, the drones also search for and assault Skav groups. Armed with quad cannons and protected by advanced balistic armor make the drones a formible adversary.

10.5 mb
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An Oblivion Fan Art Project

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